Accrediting emotional support helpline programs is a key component of International Council for Helpline’s mission. Organizations and programs that successfully complete the accreditation process ensure their community, funders and those served by the programs of high-quality services, best practices and ethical standards.

Once an organization or program joins International Council for Helplines, the initial accreditation evaluation and site visit are scheduled. Our staff work collaboratively with the organization to assist with the process. Subsequent accreditation site visits will occur every five years after the initial accreditation.

For questions, additional information or to request a copy of our Accreditation Standards Manual, click here or email us at [email protected].

International Council for Helplines offers accreditation for: (all below are hyperlinked to the pertinent section)

International Council for Helplines also offers the Crisis Helpline Specialist Certification for Specialists working in the helpline field.